Recorded On: 04/07/2020

April 7, 2020 - 12:00pm ET

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CDC’s Tracking Network: A Data Resource to Inform Action and Improve Public Health
Holly Wilson, MHSE, MCHES® and Ann Ussery-Hall, MPH, MCHES®

Learning Objectives: 

1) Perform a query on the Tracking Network’s Data Explorer and customize the data display. 

2) Describe the utility of Tracking Network data for health education practice.

Holly Wilson, MHSE, MCHES®

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Environmental Public Health Tracking Program

Holly Wilson is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist who has been with CDC’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Program since 2009. In this role, she works with an interdisciplinary team to display and explain environmental public health data in different ways to meet the needs of a variety of audiences, from academic researchers to concerned parents. She began her CDC career in 1999 as health educator, first with the viral hepatitis program then with the TB elimination program. Her professional interests include health literacy and numeracy and writing success stories. Holly holds bachelor and master degrees in health science education from the University of Florida.

Ann Ussery-Hall, MPH, MCHES®

Lauren Moshyedi (Moderator)

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