Recorded On: 04/03/2020

April 3, 2020 - 12:00pm ET

1.5 ENTRY 

Moderator: TeriSue Smith-Jackson, PhD, MPH 

Filling the Missing Gap in Utah’s YRBSS Data: Assessing the Sexual Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior of College Students
TeriSue Smith-Jackson, PhD, MPH 

Sustain-a-BULL Future: A Program to Reduce Food Waste Generated by Undergraduate Students at University Dining Halls
Melissa Miller, MPH 

Using Stories of Student Food Insecurity to Support and Advocate for Change on a College Campus
Jessie Dexter, MPA and Ellen Shafer, PhD, MPH, MCHES® 

Learning Objectives: 

1) Identify sexual behaviors of young adults in Utah not previously documented in the YRBSS. 

2) Analyze assessment findings and assess social, environmental, and political conditions that may impact health. 

3) List three best practices to establish successful partnerships during the program planning process. 

4) Identify four personal determinants to consider when developing performance objectives for program adoption, implementation, and maintenance. 

5) Describe how these researchers gathered and used stories to contextualize #REAL College health data. 

6) Identify one example of how the student’s stories were used in the Student Basic Needs Summit strategic planning process.

Caile Spear, PhD, MCHES®

Professor, Boise State University

Caile Spear's teaching and research interests focus on student learning, health promotion programming, service-learning, and applied-learning. For 23 years she has been the main advisor for the public health major and students share tell her their life stories. She spent four years living on campus with students and learned how their lives are impacted by the rising costs of education and their lack of adequate resources. She attended the 2018 REAL College conference and is on the Student Basic Needs Summit executive planning team. Dr. Spear, her service-learning students, and interns conducted food drives, researched community stakeholders, secured funding for the Student Basic Needs Summit, and surveyed other colleges to determine best practices in meeting student basic needs.

TeriSue Smith-Jackson, PhD, MPH

Associate Professor, Utah Valley University

Melissa Miller, MPH

Adjunct Faculty - CRDH, Hillsborough Community College

Melissa Miller and Kyle Marie Jacobsen are recent graduates from the University of South Florida. They have each earned a Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in Public Health Education, as well as their CPH and CHES certifications.

Kyle Marie Jacobsen, MPH

Kyle Marie Jacobsen is a recent graduate from the University of South Florida and has earned a Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in Public Health Education, as well as their CPH and CHES certifications.

Jessie Dexter

Jessie Dexter coordinates the Boise State University Student Basic Needs Collaborative, a community-wide collective impact approach for reducing the prevalence of food and housing insecurity and homelessness among Boise State students. She is key personnel on a Student Food Insecurity Storytelling research project; allowing students to share their experiences with hunger in their own voices, and to empower vulnerable individuals to advocate for their needs anonymously and avoid publicly exploiting student trauma for community education.

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