April 1, 2020 - 12:00pm ET

1.5 ENTRY  

Moderator: Skye McDonald, MS, CHES® 

Advocating for Survivors & Increasing Awareness: #Be SoMEone Too
Caitlin Holden, MS, CHES®, Meagan Shipley, PhD, CHES® and Cori S. Strahan, BS, CHES® 

Menstrual Health at a Midwest School: How is The Diva Cup Impacting Menstruation within College Students?
Lillian Minor, BS, Samantha A. Zahurones, CAN, BLS/CPR and Kiley R. Klauer, BSc 

Engaging Online Students in Health Education Practice 
Holly T. Moses, PhD, MCHES® and Erik Johansen, BS

Learning Objectives: 1

) Discuss the importance of hosting events like the #MeToo event when addressing sexual assault, harassment, and consent on college campuses. 

2) Describe how implementing the #MeToo event or similar activities contribute to pre-service health professional’s increased self-efficacy and professional development and brainstorm opportunities for the #MeToo event or similar activities within the local campus and community health settings.

3) By the end of the session the participant will be able to list three benefits that college students have identified in using the DivaCup. 

4) By the end of the session, the participant will be able to recognize barriers college students face in purchasing and/or using the DivaCup. 

5) List and describe the benefits of offering Eta Sigma Gamma collegiate chapter membership opportunities to online students. 

6) Plan opportunities for online students to gain experience in service, teaching, advocacy and/or research within their local community to meet Eta Sigma Gamma collegiate chapter membership requirements.

Caitlin Holden, MS, MCHES

Texas A&M University

Caitlin Holden is a doctoral student in the Department of Health and Kinesiology at . She earned her Masters in Health Education with a focus in teacher preparation, and a B.S. in Health with an emphasis in community health from Texas A&M University. She currently serves as a graduate teaching assistant for school and community health courses. Caitlin's research interests involve school, adolescent, and sexual health. She has been involved and presented at international, national, and state conferences. Caitlin is CHES certified, serves as the vice-president of the Eta Sigma Gamma, Alpha Pi Chapter, and as a Graduate Teaching Consultant Fellow through Texas A&M's Center for Teaching Excellence.

Skye McDonald, MS, CHES®

Lillian Minor, BS

Student, University of Wisconsin- La Crosse

Lillian is currently a senior attending the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse where she is studying Public Health and Community Health Education. She is in La Crosse's local chapter of ESG--Beta Phi, where she serves as the Research Chair, giving her the opportunity to present research on the DivaCup, which she has been working on since filling this role in January of 2019. In addition to being an active member of ESG, Lillian fulfills her passion for advocacy on campus as a Peer Health Advocate, where she educates her peers on topics surrounding alcohol and other drug use, sexual health, and mental health. Additionally, Lillian is interning at the La Crosse Area Family YMCA to build a Mental Health Toolkit, used to train all YMCA employees locally (eventually statewide and nationwide) about best mental health practices and to create a culture that values mental health, one of her primary interest areas. Upon graduating from UW-L, Lillian plans to gain experience working in the community as a health educator and will go back to school as a master's student in an area that is later to be determined. 

Holly T. Moses, PhD, MCHES

Professor, University of Florida

Holly is currently a Lecturer at the University of Florida, Department of Health Education and Behavior, and holds the Certified Health Education Specialist Credential. Her goal as an educator is to prepare the next generation of Health Education Specialists. Her primary instructional areas of interest include professional preparation and career development for health education majors; health education advocacy; community health; school health and child/adolescent health issues; bullying/cyberbullying, hazing and victimization. In addition, she is the President of Eta Sigma Gamma and has served as faculty sponsor of the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Eta Sigma Gamma since 2005.

Erik Johansen

Erik received his Master of Science in Health Education and Behavior from the University of Florida in December 2019. He is also a Certified Health Education Specialist through the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing. Additionally, he is an instructor for the American Heart Association and a licensed EMT. Erik works as a health consultant for emergency preparation and training and also focuses on patient education and empowerment for those with low health literacy. 

Julie Soules

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