Oral Session: Combatting the Opioid Epidemic

March 19, 2020 - 5:45pm - 6:45pm ET

1.5 Advanced

Moderator: Caile Spear, PhD, MCHES®

Starting the Conversation: Exploring Messaging Approaches on Prescription Opioid Use and Misuse for Patients
Speaker: Priscilla Fernandez, PhD

Reasons for Opioid Misuse: Identifying Gaps in Knowledge and Social Norms Associated with Risky Use of Prescription Opioids
Speaker: Katie McCabe, MPH

Learning Objectives: 

1) Summarize barriers to initiating and having conversations with medical providers discussed by prescription opioid users. 

2) Identify health education messaging approaches that resonate with prescription opioid users and themes that help guide future campaigns.

3) Identify reasons for opioid misuses, such as social norms and gaps in knowledge. 

4) Tailor opioid misuse prevention messages based on reasons for opioid misuse.

Priscilla Fernandez, PhD

Senior Research Associate, Rescue Agency

I am a public health research expert that leads managing, designing, and implementing research with teens and adults. My research primarily focuses on the development of tailored health education interventions that resonate with at-risk audiences. In regards to the current abstract, I led the development of the instruments and guiding the recommendations for insights that would help guide messaging strategies for an opioid education campaign.

Katie McCabe, MPH

Senior Research Manager, Rescue Agency

I am a Senior Research Manager with Rescue Agency, where I have led over 25 health research projects investigating a range of topics including opioid misuse, binge drinking, and marijuana use. My research focuses on segmenting adults and youth into high-risk groups to understand ways to develop tailored health promotion messages that resonate with at-risk audiences. I led the research described in this abstract including data collection and analysis.

Caile Spear, PhD, MCHES®

Professor, Boise State University

Caile Spear's teaching and research interests focus on student learning, health promotion programming, service-learning, and applied-learning. For 23 years she has been the main advisor for the public health major and students share tell her their life stories. She spent four years living on campus with students and learned how their lives are impacted by the rising costs of education and their lack of adequate resources. She attended the 2018 REAL College conference and is on the Student Basic Needs Summit executive planning team. Dr. Spear, her service-learning students, and interns conducted food drives, researched community stakeholders, secured funding for the Student Basic Needs Summit, and surveyed other colleges to determine best practices in meeting student basic needs.

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