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Loma Linda University School of Public Health - Public Health is at the heart of the mission of Loma Linda University Health (LLUH). The school of public health is the hub for public health initiatives at LLUH, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian organization. We continue a legacy of research in prevention and healthy lifestyles. We’re fighting Big Tobacco in Southeast Asia through research in global tobacco prevention and control. In nutrition, we’re finding answers to questions of sustainability related to diets and the impact of plant-based foods on health. Through the Adventist Health Study-2 (AHS-2), we’re examining the link between lifestyle, diet and disease. With a cohort of over 96,000 participants, AHS-2 is the largest and most comprehensive study on vegetarian nutrition.

Mission - We create learning experiences for each generation.  We translate scientific discovery into action, improve health, spread hope and promote wholeness from our neighborhood to yours.

Vision - Healthy people living in resilient communities supported by equitable systems of health.

Values – Accountability, Relevance, Diversity, Innovation, Wholeness, Faith-Inspired Excellence

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Careers in Public Health (CiPH) is three days of hands-on experience in Public Health. You’ll work with epidemiologists, nutritionists, health educators and other professionals representing many areas of public health. You’ll also have access to the student cafeteria and Drayson Center giving you the authentic Loma Linda University experience. All participants of this summer program will receive $5,000 scholarships towards their MPH, MS, MHA, DrPH, or PhD. Find out how a career in public health is right for you. Learn more at https://publichealth.llu.edu/CIPH

Think Public Health - Think Public Health is a podcast by students from the Loma Linda University School of Public Health exploring the world from a public health perspective. Join us as we investigate issues in the media by talking to experts, students, and community members about the relevance of public health in everyday living. In their own words, students describe the podcast and the impact they hope it has https://vimeo.com/397250754


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