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The FDA Office of Women's Health serves as the principal advisor to the Commissioner and other key Agency officials to protect and promote the health of women through policy, science, education, and outreach. The office has resources to help women make healthy choices for themselves and their loved ones. Check out the women's health resources and healthy living tips at: www.fda.gov/womens  


The FDA Office of Women's Health (OWH) promotes and conducts research initiatives that facilitate FDA regulatory decision-making and advance the understanding of sex differences and health conditions unique to women: www.fda.gov/womenshealthresearch 

The FDA Office of Women’s Health (OWH) offers easy-to-read publications on a variety of health topics. You can download or order free copies of over 40 fact sheets and brochures in English and Spanish as well as download select materials in several Asian languages, Polish, French Creole, and Arabic:  www.fda.gov/womenshealthpubs

Our latest video, titled “Getting A Beat On What Women Know About Heart Health” was developed to help spread the word about women and heart health. Given heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States, we sought to find out what women know about this topic. This educational video is part of our new KNOWH the Difference initiative, which focuses on sharing important knowledge and news on women’s health (KNOWH). Help us raise awareness about women and heart disease by sharing the video with your network and communities. Watch the full video here: www.fda.gov/womenshearthealth 

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